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Riding Dinner Salzburg – back in the Mozart city

My god, how time flies… after almost exactly one year of forced break, we are finally back in Salzburg with our culinary fiaker. And better than ever! Our partner restaurants have stayed the same, our range has expanded – so we can’t wait to tell you what has changed and what that means for you. But first, let’s answer the question that’s probably already burning your tongue:

Riding Dinner Salzburg

How come there was a forced break in Salzburg?

To answer the question, we have to go back a little… As you may know, the Riding Dinner in Salzburg works basically exactly like in Vienna. Together with our fiaker partner in Salzburg (the Winter family) we drive through the old town with our modified culinary fiaker and make various stops at our partner restaurants.

New start - better than ever!

So, we are all the more pleased that the hotel Goldener Hirsch has recently shone in new splendor and that we are able to get started again with our culinary fiaker. In the last 12 months, many things changed at us also. The development is simply enormous and in Vienna, we were able to achieve all our goals to date. At the same time, we used the break in Salzburg to implement some new ideas and plans.

The new things short:

• website design: The complete Salzburg website shines in new splendour. Much clearer, friendlier and above all, more visual.

• revised offers: In addition to our “Culinary Sightseeing” experience, there are now also other Premium and Economy offers in Salzburg – so there is something suitable for every taste and budget.

• Pure Salzburg: In the future, you will also get to see and hear much more of our trips in Salzburg.

But before we list all the changes and innovations here, we recommend that you simply take a look at the new website: just click here!

We hope that after reading this little article, you’d really like to enjoy a Riding Dinner in Salzburg and that we were able to give you a very personal insight.

See you soon in Salzburg!

Your Riding Dinner Team

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