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Riding Dinner – 5 things you haven't known yet.

Hooray, it’s finally there! our official Riding Dinner blog. We were thinking for a long time about what topic would be suitable for the start… rd Let’s start!

#1 – There were three of us.

Riding Dinner is mainly represented by Raimund & Marco to the outside world – of course, after all, they are the founders of the company and, like the whole team, they live with heart and soul for the costumers (we hope you can feel that whenever and wherever you are confronted with us!).

However, what only very few know is that the idea of the Riding Dinner wasn’t entirely the own doing of Raimund & Marco. In the beginning, a third person was absolutely decisive for the idea of the concept. But what happened?

“The idea & initial brainstorming actually came from three of us. We were three friends & work colleagues who came up with the concept of Riding Dinner. Over time, however, it become apparent that not all three of us had the same principles for the concept. But the most exciting part is that our friend’s exit was never really an issue in our friendship. On the one hand, this was certainly due to the fact that it happened at an early stage, when actually the foundation stone had not even been laid yet. Besides, no knew at the time where the journey was going & if there would ever be a realistic chance for Riding Dinner.“ - Marco

“That’s why we still maintain a good friendship with him today – we meet too rarely now, sadly, but when we do, we all enjoy it very much. It’s just generally very nice to see how our baby (Riding Dinner) and in parallel his career have developed. The founding of the company and his exit were never really an issue there. Quite the opposite, we even celebrated the founding of the company as a trio, although Marco & and I founded it. Without him, the concept would certainly not have come about in the way it did & that has to be more than honored, business-wise as well as friendship-wise.” - Raimund

Riding Dinner Brainstorming
The first brainstorming by Riding Dinner – August 2015.

#2 – Riding Dinner was initially just a hoax thanks to Schnaps.

What do mean by that? Exactly what it says! It is well known that Raimund & Marco (and also the former third founder) met while working together in a luxury hotel in Vienna. Anyone who has ever worked in the restaurant industry knows that sometimes people like to drink a beer or two after work – or at later hour, also some schnapps…

If you want to believe the stories of the two (Raimund & Marco), then the idea was actually originated in a night after some drinks – at the sausage stand with a round of Jägermeister.

“I honestly don’t really remember how we came up with it. We talked about how many horse-drawn carriages there actually are in Vienna and why you can’t comfortably eat and drink in them – when those are two very important reasons why you come to Vienna in the first place.” – according to Marco

“Fortunately, after the Jägermeister, we went home relatively soon. We could still remember the conversation on the next day and we still found the idea of the culinary fiaker very amusing, even when being sober. I think the rest is history…” – adds Raimund.

#3 – 10 months of founding process.

As clear and understandable as the concept of Riding Dinner may be today, it seemed very confusing to the Austrian authorities at the beginning. After the business plan had been drawn up and the financing of the concept was somewhat fixed, the company was then founded.

But somehow, nobody really knew what industry Riding Dinner would belong to, let alone what kind of trade is necessary for it. At this point, we spare you all the details of the official routes and get right to the point: Riding Diner is legally a “restricted travel agency”. However, we also want to stress that all parties and offices involved were very keen to find the right solution for the, so far, new idea – it only took a while. But! “Good things take time”, that’s what Grandma always said.

#4 – The Ultimatum – everything or nothing.

But it wasn’t like that…

“But then, the conversation went very differently. We were not allowed any self-employment on the side and at the same time, we were encouraged to choose a job. Now you might think that the decision was not easy for us. After all, we were in good positions for our age, in one of the most prestigious restaurants in Austria and we weren’t earning badly… Marco and I slept on it for a night, discussed it and then everything happened very quickly. We sort of chose against security and a career in a company.” – Raimund

“It felt so surreal… I called my mum and told her my decision… What do you think happened? She burst into tears on the phone and asked me why I wanted to give up my career. But it didn’t take long, and she was back on my side!” – adds Marco

By the way, do you know who were the first guests in the culinary fiaker after the official start of Riding Dinner? Yeah, right! The mums of Marco and Raimund.

But of course, it didn’t work out from the beginning that they could make a living from Riding Dinner. So, as long as it was necessary, they looked for a job in another catering business – where it was allowed to build up something of their own on the side.

#5 – The future.

Standstill is a word we don’t really like to use in the team. We believe that standstill is automatically synonymous with regression. Therefore, we will continue to do everything to constantly improve, to exceed the expectations of our guests and to implement new projects. Very soon, there will be great news again!

Future projects…

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