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Vienna – 7 hidden, forgotten or rather unknown places

Our blog article for the month of May is dedicated to Vienna’s unknown side. This time, we want to show you seven places, sights or experiences in Vienna that you (hopefully) don’t know yet. Let’s start!

Porta Dextra, Haas & Haas

Around the corner of Hoher Markt in the Ertlgasse, there is a true gem in many respects – the delicatessen store “Porta Dextra“ ” run by the Haas family. At the first glance, it probably doesn’t seem too spectacular, but who already has set foot in the store and has been whisked away into the great wine cellar, certainly appreciates this place. Below the store is one of the biggest and most extensive cellars of the city which partly goes back to the 4th century – you can even look at old bricks of the Romans.
But the best thing is that the visiting of the cellar is for free. Despite that, we would recommend a sip of an Austrian wine while wandering through the vastness of the cellar and let the great history flow over yourself. For all wine lovers, special wine tastings are offered.

Porta Dextra
In the Porta Dextra, you will be excited because of the wine and food!

High-rise building Herrengasse in the city center

St. Stephen's Cathedral – attic

Regardless of living in Vienna or just visiting Austria’s capital, everyone passes the St. Stephen’s Cathedral at least once and most of you have certainly already been inside and know that great guided tours are being offered through the underground catacombs. The North and South Towers of the impressive cathedral are daily opened for visiting. But for most, it’s a big mystery that the imposing attic can also be visited. But why should you know that? There’s not even a website where the visiting is offered.

But it’s a fact that if you ask the cathedral master himself, you can visit the roof truss in- and outside. You don’t only get unique pictures with a great view, but also experience a completely new perspective of Vienna’s best-known landmark.

The only downside – a guided tour in the roof truss is only possible for at least 15 persons.

Virgil Chapel

City palace Liechtenstein

Schnapps museum

Kutschkermarkt, 18th district

Well, these have already been our tips. We hope that you like our blog entry and with this in my mind, we just wish you one thing: Have fun exploring, experiencing and discovering.

Your Riding Dinner Team

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